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Equipment Refurbishment, Modification, and Upgrade.

Boos Navarre, LLC / Engineering Services / Equipment Refurbishment, Modification, and Upgrade

Boos Navarre provides professional consulting engineering and project management services to assist clients with the refurbishment, modification, and upgrade of existing equipment.  From initial contact with clients, Boos Navarre provides an assessment of the proposed refurbishment, modification, or upgrade project identifying project feasibility, typical primary scope of work items, and order of magnitude cost and schedule.  Beginning with an initial conditional survey of the equipment, Boos Navarre provides clients with the information required to determine the feasibility of equipment refurbishment modification, or upgrade, prepare cost estimates and financial analysis of the proposed work, and identify budgetary costs and schedule for the proposed work.  Once the proposed refurbishment, modification, or upgrade project commences, Boos Navarre provides professional engineering services in the preparation of detail scope of work, technical specifications, drawings, and calculations.

The range of services provided by Boos Navarre for refurbishment, modification, or upgrade projects includes:

  • Initial Project Feasibility Assessment, Development of Typically Primary Scope of Work, and Preparation of Order of Magnitude Cost and Schedule
  • Equipment Survey/Analysis
  • Preparation of Detail Scope of Work
  • Preparation of Technical Specifications
  • Preparation of Detail Design Drawings and Calculations
  • Preparation of Bid/Tender Documents
  • Bid/Tender Review & Evaluation
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Review of Modification, Refurbishment, or Upgrade Contractor Design Concepts, Calculations, Dock, and other Details and Methods
  • Modification, Refurbishment, or Upgrade Oversight
  • Testing, Commissioning, & Handover Coordination, Oversight, & Witnessing
  • Project Closeout Documentation
  • Warranty Period Liaison
  • Continuing as-needed services

Typical Refurbishment Projects Include:

  • Replacement of corroded/damaged structural components
  • Replacement of worn/obsolete mechanical and electrical components
  • Re-painting of the crane structure
  • Replacement of trolley rail systems and boom hinge joints
  • Replacement of Operators Cabins and Controls

Examples of equipment modifications and upgrades include:

  • Increase in STS crane, RTG, or RMG safe working load
  • Increase in STS crane operational parameters including hoist height, operating outreach, operating backreach
  • Installation of gantry wheel brake systems
  • Replacement of diesel generator power fed equipment with electric grid power
  • Modifications to lifting system configurations/capabilities (headblocks, spreaders, cargo beams, etc.)
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