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Equipment Condition Evaluation.

Boos Navarre, LLC / Engineering Services / Equipment Condition Evaluation

Boos Navarre provides professional engineering services for the evaluation of equipment condition.   Equipment condition evaluations are typically utilized by our client’s as a basis for business planning.  Clients typically use these evaluations in consideration of:

  • Equipment replacement (New Equipment Procurement)
  • Equipment upgrade/refurbishment
  • Equipment relocation
  • Equipment purchase
  • Valuation & remaining useful life determination
  • Annual condition documentation/recommendation of preventative maintenance
  • Equipment accident documentation

Depending on the specific need of the client, Boos Navarre customizes equipment condition evaluation to meet the client’s objectives.  Typical evaluations include:

  • An overall assessment of the structural, mechanical, and electrical integrity of the equipment,
  • Documentation of any observed damage and  wear,
  • Documentation of any observed safety, operational, or maintenance concerns.

The evaluations consider the equipment configuration, performance, capacity, vintage, condition, location, electrical feed, etc. to determine an anticipated value, remaining useful life, and the feasibility of relocation, refurbishment, upgrade, etc.

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