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Accident and Damage Survey Assessment and Repair Design.

Boos Navarre, LLC / Engineering Services / Accident and Damage Survey Assessment and Repair Design

Boos Navarre provides professional consulting engineering services for clients following accidents or damage to equipment.

Whether it is a vessel colliding with an STS crane, a piece of yard equipment damaged by other yard equipment, a container or hatch cover hitting the crane structure, development of structural cracks, or other accident, Boos Navarre understands the importance to quickly, reliably, and accurately document the events of the accident, perform a detailed assessment of all damage incurred, and ensure the safety and stability of the equipment.

In some cases, equipment malfunctions lead to damage of equipment, personnel, or surrounding structures.  In these cases, Boos Navarre works with our clients to document the event, investigate the root cause of the event, and provide the necessary engineering services to minimize or eliminate the possibility of a reoccurrence of the event.

In all cases, Boos Navarre is able to provide professional engineering services for the repair of the damaged equipment and project management services throughout the implementation of the repair work.

The range of services provided by Boos Navarre for accident and damage projects includes:

  • Initial documentation of the accident or damage based on discussion/coordination with client personnel
  • Survey Assessment of the extent of damage to identify any potential immediate safety concerns or threat to surrounding equipment and personnel
  • Investigation into the root cause of any operational accident
  • Preparation of Repair Scope of Work
  • Preparation of Technical Specifications
  • Preparation of Detail Design Drawings and Calculations
  • Preparation of Bid/Tender Documents
  • Bid/Tender Review & Evaluation
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Review of Repair Contractor Design Concepts, Calculations, and other Details and Methods
  • Repair Oversight
  • Testing, Commissioning, & Handover Coordination, Oversight, & Witnessing
  • Project Closeout Documentation
  • Warranty Period Liaison
  • Continuing as-needed services
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