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Design, Modification, Refurbishment, Repair, and Evaluation Projects.

Boos Navarre, LLC / Company Experience / Design, Modification, Refurbishment, Repair, and Evaluation Projects

Boos Navarre has performed several projects related to the design, modification, refurbishment, repair, and evaluation of existing equipment.  Project examples include:

  • Design
    • Design of wire rope re-reeving devices for two existing PPMX STS cranes
  • Modification
    • Outreach extension on three existing STS cranes
    • Trolley rail system re-design for five RTGs
    • Operator’s cabin modification for installation of walkable floor glass of four STS crane
  • Refurbishment
    • Trolley rail replacement for two existing STS cranes including installation oversight.
    • Trolley rail hinge section replacement and re-design
    • Preparation of structural inspection manuals to be used for condition evaluation
    • Evaluation and refurbishment recommendations for a gantry rail system
  • Repair
    • Main hoist drum repair after shaft failure
  • Evaluation
    • Conditional evaluation of four RTGs for possible relocation and coordination between contractors and client on relocation proposals.
    • Evaluation of new bulk unloader gantry crane upon offload at Client facility
  • Expert Witness
    • Expert witness on behalf of equipment owner regarding an incident resulting in an injured worker
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